Extended Arm Operations

Extended Arm Operations

Be it large scale transformation programs, projects or operations, organizations rely on their teams’ capability to deliver.

In the last 2-3 decades, most organizations have adopted outsourcing as a key strategy for their IT capability on the premise of scalability, technical ability and lower cost. But this traditional outsourcing model has broken down!

  • Headcount driven models incentivized outsourcers to keep adding headcount not necessarily caring about output on a sustainable basis.
  • Scalability was achieved by the famous pyramid model where a few experts pull a team of many novices, dragging down the productivity and output at customer’s cost.
  • What may have started as a great commercial arrangement replacing like-to-like headcount at much lower rates mostly ended up with both outsourcer and customer adding more and more headcount on to their teams. Rates go down but TCO tends to go steeply up.

To get away from these issues, many organizations have tried to set up their own captives in low cost locations. Very few have been successful and scaled up. And it comes at a high fixed cost and investments.

InfoKrafts, based on its decades of experience, both as a customer and as a service provider, offers this unique Extended Arm model that makes the above models defunct.

Customer gets its delivery centre as an extended arm to its own IT teams, which InfoKrafts will build and operate for them. We do not believe in the size of the extended arm but rather focus on long term strategic relationships.

  • Custom built team: We don’t assemble a team from available people or those on bench; we build a custom team based on specific needs of the customer. This ensures right fit.
  • Skills driven: Each team member is an expert in his/her own field, who is confident of working with your experts, shoulder to shoulder. Ours is a flat team structure of experts and not a pyramid of novices. This ensures high productivity and low TCO.
  • Extended arm integrates with your team: Rather than bringing our own processes and toolset, we integrate with your processes thus eliminating boundaries and process breakdowns.
  • Transparent pricing: We work on long term strategic partnership model rather than transactional models. We share costs transparently.

At InfoKrafts, our aim is to act as your extension, not as a typical supplier.

And we know how to operationalize this extended arm on a defined plan using our framework and expertise. You get your custom-built delivery team, delivering high quality services working along with your own teams without you having to hire or build a captive!


Our customers find our “Extended Arm” model especially attractive to support their SAP plans - a combination of support, deployment, rollout, S4 Hana migration, etc.  globally.

Our model not only ticks all the boxes, but goes far beyond that in transparency and tailoring to their needs, ultimately delivering IT and business value.

Our expertise is across various SAP modules and technologies such as SD, FICO, SCM, PP-PI, PM, QM, IBP, WM, EWM, TM, EHS, MDG, ABAP, S4 HANA, Fiori, ByD, etc. and we continue to build further on other emerging technologies and platforms.

If you think this is of interest to you, contact us today. 

Seeing is believing. Let's start by showing you how we work with our customers and demonstrate our model !..